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The New Corvette C8
Radioman Wrote:Equal build quality? Now you're just talkin' smack!
Agreed - I mean, it's a Chevy.
Chevy can build a C8 every 5 minutes! Plan to sell 40k per year in the high demand period. Doubt the build quality is at Porsche level but still a damn impressive car!
Market will be interesting to watch. Will the C8 attract some Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, BMW, Audi etc buyers?
Will Chevy build quality ever match European high-end manufacturers... unlikely... but, does it really matter? I doubt people will buy the C8 with the intentions of driving it for 10+ years... also, given the low price point, and the extreme availability of parts/services - these cars will probably be modded... and probably flogged pretty hard. I'm not sure how much contemplation will go into the buying process when comparing a 40k car with a 100k car... with a 60k margin, you could literally buy another vette as a spare and still be ahead of the game.
Looked at a friends C8 window sticker. Base is listed at $58.9k, convertible +$7k. Still a great price but....
Well optioned the sticker was $99.5k. Most will be sold with popular options for $70k~$80k. Performance upgrades, carbon fiber add huge dollars!
Compare to a similar Porsche. Jesus you can spend nearly $100K on a family sedan from BMW these days.

Sticker on my lowly 435 was nearly $60K. That's nothing but a hopped up 3 series.
Birdman308 for parts and tutorials!
Still an amazing value considering the horsepower, handling, etc... and, you can feel good about supporting USA products Smile

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