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Thread: No directional signal lights

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    They are held on with a chrome ring. At one place in the ring, there is a 1/8" space which kind of acts like a thread to go over the edge of the lip. Basically you have to gently pry the back of the ring away from the plastic. Eventually it will turn and if you are lucky, you will only have to bend back about half the ring. The metal will bend, but the plastic case of the gauges is quite brittle. Not for the faint of heart. There is a thread on FCHAT about replacing the clock glass. Same procedure.

    This is a photo of me removing the glass of the oil gauge. I used a modified jeweler's screwdriver as a "prybar" . Much easier because the gauge housing is metal. When you reinstall the ring, bending it back on also requires a gentle touch. With the small gauges I placed them on a round housing which supported the front of the ring, then I gently bent and tapped the back down to secure it.
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