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Thread: Unobtainium Supplies: Ignition Coil Wire Protectors

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    Default Unobtainium Supplies: Ignition Coil Wire Protectors

    Ignition Coil Wire Protectors Now Available From Unobtainium Supply

    We have just begun production of this part, which has been NLA for a long time. This part is used on the Ferrari 328, 208 Turbo, 412, Mondial3.2, and Testarossa.
    To order, specify the following part: 129620 Ignition Coil Wire Protector.

    129620 Ignition Coil Wire Protector

    As always, we try to address shortcomings in the originals whenever possible without changing the original appearance. These parts consist of 75% fiberglass, a heat resistant & much-stronger material that nevertheless retains flexibility!

    For price & ordering instructions, see our illustrated catalog available from:
    When it's NLA, Who do you call? Unobtainium Supply Co.

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    Very Nice!

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