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Thread: Unobtainium Supplies: Seat Belt Bracket Covers

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    Default Unobtainium Supplies: Seat Belt Bracket Covers

    We have just resumed production of the long NLA seat belt bracket covers for the early GTSi/GTBi 308. These we have designated as Style C ((Mounts by snapping around the washer under the bolt head): The new mold was completed this weekend, & production is underway.

    Seat Belt Cover Style C 1981 GTSI 2016-04-05 001.jpg

    Additionally we continue to supply these seat belt bracket cover variants:

    308 Style A (QVs & later GTSi/GTBi -= snap onto to sides of the bracket plate)
    Seat Belt Cover Style A 3(640x480).JPG

    308 Style B (Curved Front,smooth rectangular area on top)
    Seat Belt Cover Style B.jpg

    Dino Cylindrical mount Cover (Cylinder inside snaps onto bolt head)
    Seat Belt Cover, Dino 004 + 002.JPG

    Dino KLIPPAN Logo Cover, Seat Belt Bracket Dino (KLIPPAN molded on top.) Specify: Symmetric or Asymmetric mounting, sold as pairs)

    KLIPPAN covers - tiny bubbles on back 2013-09-12 002.JPG

    As always, we try to address shortcomings in the originals whenever possible without changing the original appearance. The improvement in these parts is:
    The material is much stronger, yet retains flexibility due to it's 75% fiberglass content!!

    BTW, I strongly recommend reading the SEAT BELT BRACKET COVER INSTRUCTIONS. They can help you avoid breaking the cover. You can download it from here:
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    That reminds me, now that my car is coming out of hibernation, I should pick my seat belt cover order up from you one of these days!
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