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Thread: Unobtainium Supplies: Unbreakable Lever Bezels

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    Default Unobtainium Supplies: Unbreakable Lever Bezels

    208/328/308 GT4 Unbreakable Lever bezels p/n 60044302-BEZL are available again! These are usable for the TEMP, VENT, & CHOKE levers.

    I just received the long promised production run from my machinist. The show chrome finish on these is simply stunning:

    Unlike the breakable chromed plastic OEM bezels, these are CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum, then polished to a mirror finish and show chrime (ie: triple Copper/Nickel/Chrome plated).

    What's even better, the price for this batch is lower!!!!!:
    $125/bezel, $500/set or 4 bezels!!!

    To order, send email to Verell

    You also may wish to buy our Unscratchable Lever Label Plates to complete the project:
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