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Thread: Unobtainium Supplies: 308 boot prop retractor

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    The Ferrari P/N 60108206 308 boot prop cable retractor has been NLA for quite a few years. Making it has been on my round2it list for several years, but I haven't been able to locate one I could disassemble & use as a pattern for molds. A few weeks ago a kind person sent me one so I've been working on reproducing it on a time available basis.

    I'm excited!!!! I just unmolded the 1st retractor top!! I thought you'd like to see what it looks like.

    The top has a threaded metal insert molded in for the retractor reel's mounting stud. Made from fiberglass reinforced chemical & heat resistant polyurethane:

    1st Unobtainium Supply Retractor 2015-04-09 006.jpg1st Unobtainium Supply Retractor 2015-04-09 005.jpg1st Unobtainium Supply Retractor 2015-04-09 003.jpg
    BTW. The large bubble on the inside of the top (3rd picture) is benign, I know what caused it & will prevent it in future parts. The small bubbles are also benign, but I'm not sure I can completely eliminate them. (But when the retractor is assembled, no one can see them anyway).
    The pictured cable is the one I propose to use. It's the same OD as the OEM wire, has 7x19 strands of 18-8 stainless steel, rated ultra flexible, & has a 50 lbs. load rating (breaking strength is 250lbs!!!). Not cheap but it should last forever in this application:

    Based on the piece of cable that came with the retractor I have on loan, I'm pretty sure the OEM cable is a 1x7. Pretty much picture hanging wire. 7 strands of a fairly heavy gauge wire makes for a stiff wire that will start breaking under repeated flexing:

    It's not yet in production as I still have quite a few details to finalize but I thought I'd give you a 1st look.
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    Very nice - you're amazing V-man!

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    Looks awesome Verell!
    Birdman308 for parts and tutorials!

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