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Thread: Unobtainium Supplies: 365 2+2 column switch stalk restorations

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    Default Unobtainium Supplies: 365 2+2 column switch stalk restorations

    Just received this set of 365 2+2 column switch stalks from FoNE.
    Here's a picture BEFORE RESTORATION:

    365 2+2 stalks - FoNE.jpg

    The wiper & turn stalks are in surprisingly good condition other than moderate corrosion on the metal stalk rods, UV whightening on the wiper pivot end, & scratches on the petal knobs. Should just need the metal rods stripped, replated soft silver & given a light clearcoat, and the knobs & pivot ends cleaned & polished.

    The Headlight stalk needs a bit more. Again, the metal rod has moderate corrosion, but the pivot end is broken, only being held together by the metal reinforcing plate that was molded inside the plastic.

    Most noticeable, the original plating appears to be much closer to a soft bright silver than was used on similar switches on later models. It's going to take a bit of work to reproduce this finish.
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    Hey Verell, it's cool to see that you are getting work from FoNE!
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